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taught by certified professional master dog trainer, canine behaviourist, dog psychology expert

Dog Psychology Courses     Dog Obedience Training

Canine Behaviour Solutions

Taught by Prewitt Canine Training Academy @ the College location

West Coast Vancouver Island, BC Canada

FOR: The General Public / Dog Enthusiasts


FOR : People already in the Canine Care Business such as:

Veterinarians / Veterinarian Assistants

Dog Trainers / Dog Walkers / Groomers

Dog Shelter / Kennel / Day-care // Workers


  “Canine co-operation is not a function of intelligence of the dog, but

rather a function of intelligence of the handler!”


We train family pet dogs & working assistance dogs by using

a play + praise + affection reward system

WITHOUT food treats

WITHOUT shouting

WITHOUT hitting or kicking

WITHOUT pain, fear or anxiety techniques

WITHOUT noise making interruption devices

WITHOUT shock collars (please see: )

WITHOUT muzzle halters or any nose pinching leading equipment

WITHOUT jerking  or hanging the dog on the neck by the leash or collar

WITHOUT holding the dog to ground by the scruff of it’s neck until it submits

We will teach you how to induce 100% canine co-operation

by using intelligence and psychology rather than brute force or gimmicks.

“Join us in our passionate vision of a safe and joyful journey

with our canine companions.”


If you are seeking private or group classes for dog & puppy training for your family pets

click here to go to the Prewitt Canine Training Academy website

and learn more about the application of The Prewitt Program Method


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